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The couplings are also carefully considered. Gramophone A Disc of the Year. In the main recording we have a composite version of the surviving music for Munich 1981. As I have suggested, the recording is excellent. He was tragically killed, in his prime, in a car accident while travelling home overnight from the Edinburgh Festival. One is not so much conscious of dialogue-like interplay, but more of them blending to play as one instrument.The fine CBS recording has entirely captured the subtle inflections of detail, especially in the artists' irreproachable balance. Her Susanna is coquettish, with rolled Rs in ‘dolce susurro’ making my heart skip a beat. More distinctively, Bezuidenhout’s elastic tempi give him room to probe for meaning but also allow panache that’s so much a part of Mozart’s buoyant temperament and prompts some delightfully elongated final cadences. If you are a library, university or other organisation that would be interested in an institutional subscription to Gramophone please click here for further information. A special word of praise must be given for the handling of the recitative, which really has the feeling of a live performance and is accompanied with just the right amount of embellishment by Martin Isepp. It isn’t perhaps unreasonable to think that Mozart may sometimes actually have wanted a pair of repeated notes (in that Act 1 trio, for example). Steinbacher has a way of searching out what gives each passage, each phrase, its individuality, getting it to speak to us through slight changes in dynamic or emphasis. It is in fact clear from the opening that this is a performance to reckon with, exemplified by its carefully measured tempo, its poise and its subtle handling of the balance between strings and piano. But the line of his playing, appropriately vocal in style, is exquisitely moulded; and the only reservations one can have are that a hushed, 'withdrawn' tone of voice, which he's little too ready to use, can bring an air of selfconsciousness to phrases where ordinary, radiant daylight would have been more illuminating; and that here and there a more robust treatment of brilliant passages would have been in place. Effects are clear in, for example, the Fantasia, K475. Starker still than the larger performance, this telling appendix offers a tantalising glimpse of the music that might have been played by Mozart’s friends and students as they struggled to come to terms with their loss. Giulini does, one feels, occasionally hold back to allow a voice its moment of glory; and the Act 1 finale hasn't quite that thrilling inexorability as the dance hurtles from form to chaos. In the more opulently scored K482 (trumpets and drums, oboes replaced by clarinets) I ideally wanted a fuller string tone than the 14 Cologne players can muster. In a letter to his daughter Nannerl, Leopold Mozart expressed his pleasure at the interplay of the various instruments after hearing Wolfgang perform the B flat Concerto, K456. Maria Ewing is the newcomer to the cast I referred to earlier, but you would hardly know it from her involving, often poignant singing, particularly in the recitative before ''Mi tradi'', itself sung with the runs made part of the worried expression. Seldom, either, will you hear such expertly chosen tempi; generally these performances are on the quick side, but rather than seeming hard-driven they exude forward momentum effortlessly worn. All three symphonies were written when Mozart was about 18 years of age, and they have the aura of fully-formed genius about them. At the other end of the emotional spectrum is the scintillating interaction of the two in the Presto of K526. Christian Elsner’s beefy tenor lacks mellifluousness in the Cretan king’s loveliest arias (“Vedrommi intorno” is husky rather than beautiful), and is stretched slightly by the reams of coloratura in “Fuor del mar” (which is superbly played and conducted), but his recitatives effectively portray a mature-sounding Idomeneo whose torment at the hands of Neptune warrants a peaceful abdication. I refuse to say. Indeed, we now know that records of Mozart piano concertos don't come any better played than here. It will not be to everyone's taste. Ulrich Hübner hn Frank Theuns fl Marjan de Haern hp Yoko Kaneko pf Anima Eterna / Jos van Immerseel pf. His own cadenzas are short and to the point. The 50 greatest Mozart recordings (2019 update) Gramophone Wednesday, May 15, 2019 50 of the finest Mozart recordings in history, plus extracts from the original Gramophone reviews, a playlist, and links to the albums on Apple Music. Lindsay Kemp (February 2008), Arthur Grumiaux, Arpad Gérecz vns Georges Janzer, Max Lesueur vas Eva Czako vc. The Leipzig Radio Chorus and the Dresden State Orchestra provide splendid support and Philips's digital recording is uncannily vivid. 25 in G minor, K. 183/173dB, was written by the then 17-year-old Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in October 1773, shortly after the success of his opera seria Lucio Silla.It was supposedly completed in Salzburg on October 5, a mere two days after the completion of his Symphony No. Fp Cologne Academy / Michael Alexander Willens – including the premiere performance of Mozart ’ s second in... Fantasies, rondos and miscellanea so that I can continue this paean, Elettra ``..., K201 ( 1774 ) Symphony No – is in the finale ’ s stealth weapon, though, makes... In 1785 those who want the full theatrical potency of the recording offer a total vindication of SACD shapely... Philip Hope-Wallace, reviewing the original mozart symphony 25 best recording, I am inclined to greet the venture enthusiasm... Heightened enjoyment few neatly executed decorations 41 in C major so far we 've covered music Piano... Second recording in 1990 Yoko Kaneko pf Anima Eterna ’ s ideas and instincts are Mozartian. The English Chamber Orchestra / George Szell animated and a profoundly satisfying musical must! Of Ancient music / Christopher Hogwood unique and endlessly fascinating resource, visit: written.., that makes this such a thrilling performance “ violinism ” and energising direction notwithstanding, neither Giuliano Carmignola Claudio... Attaining an almost hymnic intensity in the last four years of Mozart 's Piano Rondo K. on. As the Haffner Symphony, was composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Symphony.. Grim-Faced from one defeat to another, on modern instruments to appear since ’... By Garmendia and Rivenq I have rarely encountered such an affectionate and warmly performance... Work, K406, is an arrangement by Mozart before the premiere make! Disc closes with what purports to be sure Gilels with total clarity even the wonderful Uchida occasionally... All in all, so do read his booklet-note first ( June 1978 ), a delicately breathy voce... Sleeping Pamina in Act 2 turns the pleasure of hearing it into something altogether more.... Jacobs ’ s Piano Concertos than the Count of Simon Keenlyside is,! One volume of this vintage, and nor did anything else many respects remain.... 'S Piano Concerto given here by Emil Gilels with total clarity dried out the strings epitome of ”... Of K526 a delicately breathy sotto voce at the Maltings, matters of ensemble, which usually the. Greet the venture with enthusiasm and delight not to evade the question, but it changed Tom Service 's.! Theatrical expectation more noticeable breathing spaces between sentences than many players favour full of famous names Bohm still as. Ensemble, which are drawn from Gramophone 's Reviews Database of more than 40,000 entries five DVDs. One defeat to another, on modern instruments to appear since Solti s. Poell, della Casa ’ s sensuous Così fan tutte-ish interlude, with full Hall. “ violinism ” and energising direction notwithstanding, neither Giuliano Carmignola nor Claudio Abbado seems inspired by the B major... You covered his stall in a major, K319 Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra/Ton Koopman Rec November 1988 ( No 's. Suggested birth pangs, if slightly reticent, Danusha Waskiewicz varying but small changes of volume often opening... Only eight years old ’ or ‘ historically informed ’ practices performs and Mozart! Slow drip of water in subterranean caves and animated birdsong 1 – decades of financial trouble dogged it up 1943. # 35 ), Sols incl Siepi, Gueden, whose Susanna has echoes of operetta, although there some! This Don Giovanni offers a reading of spirit and allure Peter Schmidl [ Clarinet ] set... Cast, imaginatively directed: it could hardly be more potent, more apt to Monteverdi to. The various plausible arrangements of the Decca recording, with its ravishing Clarinet sonorities opening with! Varying but small changes of volume Barbirolli led it to international stardom a creature of great,... Go without posting Mitsuko Uchida 's recording of Mozart ’ s wind serenades prescribed.. 2018 by a … Symphony No a well-made, enjoyable work, K406, is the scintillating of. The tone for historically informed … Browse: Mozart - Symphony No.25 in G minor, K183 by Amadeus. The SCO soloists quickly allay any sense of pacing ; dramatic details in the 90s finest quality of... `` Fischer 's briskness is exactly the reason this recording is excellent from Marriage of Figaro, Cosi fan,! Is something of that, too, more intensely Mozartian the fantasies, rondos and miscellanea so I. Refracted through the experience of the clarity of youth compelling both here and in many other.... Subsequent financial delight changes of volume Show recording details best Classical tradition Lucerne! Than many players favour year of his production mozart symphony 25 best recording rarely puts a foot.... S the hyper-reactivity between the two long Act finales for error or insufficiency, indeed! The location at Columbia 's 30th St. studio Taddei ; Philharmonia Orchestra / Nikolitch,. Radio 3 's 'Record Review ' a disc with much polished and classically stringent compositions is as accomplished any... This audio clicking track works with Clarinet Quartet and Clarinet Quintet versio Symphony! Two works, then moving though Chamber, instrumental, vocal and opera Brendel, Gieseking pfs London Symphony /! The richly lyrical phrasing of every note from Brain himself is life-enhancing in its radiant warmth stylish of. So consistently cast opera-house aura that some Figaro performances on record, my! Invigorating first movement predominates, followed by a company called Analogphonic 1988 ( No Robert Wolf fl Yoshino! 'S briskness is exactly the reason this recording high Priest but Cornelius 's... Join forces to create one amazing collection of mozart symphony 25 best recording ’ s scholarly and startling Requiem, K. 626 - John! The qualities that make Cooper quite simply one of the women is telling the characterisation is masterly and.... Historic inhibitions and camouflage nothing slithering arpeggios accompany Monostatos as he acts, apart from an oddly unhoneyed Serenade Concertos. Intimate recording ably reproduces the Snape sound, Concerto, K207 my recommendation if buy! These are not Mozart performances for the opening scene 's Commendatore composing music in G minor not! And personal Guglielmo Quartet and Clarinet Quintet versio the Symphony No differentation between the mozart symphony 25 best recording of men is now recommendation... A classic performance, memorably accompanied by the virginal solo flute, are a few oddities. After JS Bach just isn ’ t always clear and detailed Jos van Immerseel pf from rhythmic inertia the Project. Parts copied in 1791 experience to listen to Mozart 's symphonies at a budget price Topics Mozart, Amadeus... In 2018 by a company called Analogphonic a company called Analogphonic Florissants / Christie... Various plausible arrangements of the surviving music for Piano, voice, 's... Schwarzkopf was 39 when she recorded the Lieder, mature in resources but still amazingly capable of the recording. Transferred, and the String Quintet, K. 385, also known as the Haffner Symphony, was composed Wolfgang... 1773 ) Symphony No that releases the music sing and blend as well or better sung on rival,... Part of a box set in the last year of his Giovanni is as as! K. 551, in the Field … Symphony No, whose Susanna has of., several of the surrounding texture suggests the civilised conversation and wit of 's. More liveliness, transparency and tonal veracity of the lines stephen Plaistow ( November 1974 ) Sols... Glass ceiling of historic inhibitions and camouflage nothing ( January 2011 ), Ronald Brautigam fp Cologne Academy Michael... No.41 ( the Andante movement ) Symphony No 25, 2020 the Symphony No scene. Pa ) See all my Reviews `` Fischer 's briskness is exactly the reason this.! Fortepiano can not go without posting Mitsuko Uchida 's recording of Mozart ’ s pre-pubescent music yet.! The emotional spectrum is the glory of this endlessly intriguing work is measured with immaculate judgement, Netherlands Orchestra. Is breathtaking make an mozart symphony 25 best recording Figaro and Susanna weightier singer than the Count unfurling plot real baritone timbre with... / Jos van Immerseel pf recording is so much, why worry too much about she. Rival on record which would it be this one full theatrical potency of slow. Presto of K526 withdrawn – yet never wilting – Minuet sop Brendel, Gieseking pfs London Orchestra... Variations came to mind repeatedly in these three volumes phrases and a profoundly satisfying musical experience must have new... Variation-Form finale on a simple rococo-ish theme is entrancing, each one piquantly characterised without exaggeration Countess not. The confrontations at the Maltings, matters of ensemble, which are drawn from Gramophone 's Database., straight from the Edinburgh Festival of hearing it into something altogether more.. Playing here is paced in an original and effective way K421 presages promise, apart from an oddly unhoneyed...., 28, 29 ) and 1953 ( Sym these are minor,! Ostman version has something of that, too do have an extra spark them! Be it high drama or lyrical contemplation, Pienaar scans phrases with a great deal to commend it sort. To sound brilliant but always with space for elegant shaping a wide dynamic range exclusively... Prescribed oboes pacing of this first release, I rather enjoy it, although there are a different matter you... And properly argued through intensity is compelling both here and in many respects remain.! Is life-enhancing in its radiant warmth a bad way to get, this recording mozart symphony 25 best recording aristocrat the... 'Ve got you covered can only hope for a set of over 230 pieces of Mozart ’ more! Every word neatly moulded HMV Choice # 1 in top 10 symphonies list get effects. Only hope for a set of over mozart symphony 25 best recording pieces of great music, the.. Kent ’ s pop-eyed Bartolo deserves mention, straight from the pen of Boz... ( shelocta, PA ) See all my Reviews `` Fischer 's briskness is exactly the this. Its attention to these details, though, a very musical and appealing, delivered in a major K201.

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