caning in schools

Aren't we?. I was also more aware of girls and ladies. At 5.3.06, C's Correction said In my cousin's school (25 miles away in the city) pupils were strapped and caned - yes bare bottom as well. That probably doesn't happen any more now as schools have gone soft. During my second year at Grammar school, I got caned three times, same as the previous year. Dr Rosemary Leach, of the End Physical Punishment of Children See more ideas about school punishment, spanking, pretty legs. The cane was seldom used and receiving it resulted in a kind of welcome notoriety! Jun 5, 2020 - We're all just willful, disobedient children, us girls. I have caned more 1150 inmates during these 12 years. The accounts below are as I remember it, though the names are changed. As older students at Millfield School, we even got to wield the dreaded implement. For example, in my friend's junior school (about 1 mile from mine) pupils were never spanked. My experience of a school caning, back in the 1940s, was not so dreadful. I turned thirteen during the first term in 1964 and became a teenager. topic: approved school canings While public school canings were without any doubt the severst canings that an schoolboy would have to endure,an approved school caning was the most painful caning any boy could possibly immagine-and hundreds of such canings were administered daily. the rodney co-educational boarding school in nottinghamshire, England, (pictured left) was the scene of probably the last of the well publicised canings of schoolgirls, and retained the use of the cane up until the total ban on corporal punishment in uk schools in mid 1998, the headmaster caned the boys and the school founder, ms. joan thomas, caned the girls. Caning In Schools Used To Be Very Affective Punishment In Schools On Children, And Do Believe Bring The Cane Back In Schools Will Restore Good Behaver Of Children In The Class, Galadriel Arwen from USA on July 01, 2012: I do not believe the threat of physical abuse is appropriate in any setting. I would say the majority of boys were never caned, and a caning was really always something of an event. In my cousin's school, kids always did PE in just their underwear (boys and girls together). Earlier there used to be large number of mens being caned, but now in recent years the number has decreased. A Boy’s Second School Caning: School & College Punishments: Two boys spanked by their baby-sitter: Other Punishments: The class princess spanked by the headmaster: School & College Punishments: A girl’s school caning: School & College Punishments: First experience of the slipper at prep school: School & College Punishments Discipline in my school in the 1960s was essentially similar to yours with, for example, smoking, cheating or bullying guaranteeing a caning. The difference is that, for whatever reason, caning seems to have been less frequent. I had graduated into long trousers and felt a man now. My cousin had a real bare bottom whacking for fighting. I was Caning officer of Changi prison in Singapore for almost 12 long years. The KwaZulu-Natal department of education is planning "harsh action" against a teacher who is seen caning female pupils in a video circulating on social media. Caning in state schools was banned in 1987 after a EU court ruling but is still allowed in private establishments.

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