super system triz

The separation of the paths of inquiry allows the modelling of multiple assumptions from the outset and provides for the macro level steering of solutions. ARIZ is the central analytical tool of TRIZ. Functional streams may be likened to a dissected view of the problem’s EV as seen in a systems engineering context. u=�*���E!����|��* �������C�3>���Vl�r~qr\�o�U��;f΁����c�tǢ���V����KE�N�WNk���P$�B_�W��J���=_�F�W��? 0000000016 00000 n The advantage of this SV (from the TRIZ viewpoint) is the existing resources are used to perform additional functions. Introduction. The disorientation of the flight crew in the pitch black of night led to the declaration of an emergency; they elected to return to Lima. Ignoring miscellaneous warnings and alarms (including ground proximity warnings), the plane struck the water. The time period for the past and present can be defined by the user based on the context of the system/problem. © 2019, The TRIZ Journal, all rights reserved. Of these, the SVs rank based on the following criteria: Some may agree that achieving an IFR on a SV that will be supplanted at the innovation in the large stage is not an ideal outcome. The concept is well-suited to retro-fit into existing systems. When we have a system to analyse, we use 9 boxes to set the system context, define its environment (super-system) and all the details (subsystems). can enter at this stage when evaluating the entire SV set. SV24: Use an array of ionized air sensors to measure three-dimensional airflow patterns. The Law of Ideality • Any technical system throughout its lifeme, tends to become more reliable, simple, and effecve—more ideal. The goal is to develop SVs that will provide the desired functionality by completely replacing present technology. Solution vectors SV2, SV3, SV4, SV5 and SV6 deal with the auto-detection of a blocked condition. Ceci se produit lorsque le système ne peut plus évoluer par lui-même. In this manner, SV22 maintains the independence of functional requirements and also decouples the functional elements. EV3:Incomplete situational awareness (an information management issue). Thus, components of roll, pitch, yaw, drift and angle of attack may be obtained differentially from the data (Figure 14). The pitot tubes, static ports and all internal tubing can be dispensed and are removed. An initial observation was that each aircraft was airworthy until the moment of impact. 0000004666 00000 n The new approach combines TRIZ thinking with systems engineering principles. There is little purpose in expending valuable resources for developing concepts that will be bypassed or made redundant by others. Overall principle: the change in the system does not affect the entire super-system. Extremely rugged, reliable and contamination resistant, At the early stages of a new technology S-curve. A physical contradiction is resolved on the change of condition, as per TRIZ thinking (TRIZ tool: physical contradiction, the cover must be present on ground and must materially disappear once airborne). TRIZ in business and management areas have been practically unknown. China {Xinjun.Zhao,Shuang.Zhang,xinjun_zhao} Abstract. At each level of the functional stream, an individual can generate SVs as shown in Table 1. One kind of description about the system, the subsystem, and the super-system is shown in Fig.1. According to TRIZ, every entity, be it biological, societal or technological, can be viewed as a system composed of tools that perform certain actions. In TRIZ, as in any other creativity-based discipline, there is no single control route to arrive at a solution to a given problem. Although it is still relatively new in western nations, its status on the TRIZ S … Using simple neural networks, self-calibration of data would be possible. The major change is a modified form of transducers that are relocated to the exterior of the aircraft. C'est ce que décrit la loi 6 The EV3 is directed at improving situational awareness in the cockpit. D�Q2O������cp�L�O*w�1�i�!q��B-Rs�B��>�KT�� xr���?8,%$Rܫ�$|}�� �M�Xs�ɮ�'ũ��U��Z��ٟ�q�A)>yL���F�F��-���ZĵB�n�R��}�3�p��g"q�"7 Altitudes displayed were widely different and seemingly contradictory alarms sounded randomly, often simultaneously. This is an important concept which needs elaboration. This shows the capabilities of TRIZ in a wide range of problems, from near-term, fine detail problems through to longer-term technology direction and high level business strategy issues. Possibilities within this SV include water repellent baffle covers over the static port, wire-gauze netting covers, thin criss-crossing wires with high-voltage capacitative charge, etc. The pitot-static system is an established and reliable method of obtaining speed- and height-related information.7 The method is simple. They reflect the evolution of modern technical systems under the effect of physical and technical factors. 1. The ideal final result (IFR) is to not have a problem in the first place. ̕l1��E# �y����>��w#����AH�#5�sP�Q����gϳ Since he developed his method (Super-Stream Augmented Approach) for himself through his career as an engineer for over 30 years, some methodological parts of this paper are not familiar even to TRIZ people.

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